building a list

4 Easy Step To Building A List

Building a list for email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to increase your turnover and profits as an online business. That’s because each person’s email on that list represents a potential customer to market to and to sell to. Depending on the value of your product, this can represent a lot of money. This presentation is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about building a huge mailing list[…]

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e-marketing list

What is Your E-marketing List Worth?

If you are collecting emails for an e-marketing list campaign. Then you might have been attracted partly by just how affordable the process is. This is a marketing method with an extremely high ROI. Meaning that you barely have to spend anything in order to start really profiting from your e-marketing list. But exactly how much is your e-marketing list worth? Can you really get “something for nothing” in this way? Let’s take a look![…]

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lead generation

Top Lead Generation Mistakes

Lead generation is one of the single most valuable marketing activities for any business . Unfortunately, it’s also one of the things that a lot of businesses aren’t using to its fullest – or don’t know how to use. People will invest a lot more into social media or SEO typically, despite the fact that e-mail marketing is what most bloggers and gurus say makes them the most money. The problem is, a lot of[…]

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social power

The Importance of a Good Squeeze Page Headline

A squeeze page is a fast loading single page on a website.  It’s designed solely to build an email list of targeted subscribers .Having a good squeeze headline on this page is important. The mailing list opt-in form to gain subscribers is also on this page .  As long as the website owner directs enough traffic to this page with the opt-in form, a good squeeze headline will maximize the number of sign-ups. This of[…]

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email marketing campaign

The Cost of Running an Email Marketing Campaign

There are lots of reasons that an email marketing campaign is one of the best investments any business can make for its marketing. Email marketing means you aren’t reliant on third parties like Facebook or Google, and it means you have direct access to your audience, right inside their inboxes! But while all this is true, it’s also true that email marketing is extremely affordable. With a low barrier to entry and very few overheads,[…]

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mailing list

Get LOTS More Mailing List Subscribers

Once you have your squeeze page in place with your opt-in form and incentive . You should start to notice a fairly good turnover of people signing up to your mailing list . Especially if it is attached to a popular blog with a lot of traffic. But don’t rest on your laurels! It is folly to take the “build it and they will come approach”. So in order to really capitalize on your good[…]

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