8 Point Affiliate Success Check List

Everyone loves checklists.. and numbered lists in general!  So here are 8 affiliate success points you should ask yourself before you choose an affiliate program to promote. Affiliate success points 1. Is the affiliate product already selling well? You want to promote a product that people are already buying. If it’s not selling, move on. 2. Are other affiliate promoting it? If other affiliates are promoting, that’s a good sign that it’s making money for[…]

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Amy Starr Allen Video Review

One of the main reasons I chose to partner with HBA and offer their products inside of The 30 Minute Workday, was that they already had so many servant leaders on board.One of those leaders is Amy Starr Allen… Leaders who go out of their way to create value FOR YOU, so you can more easily build your business. Amy Starr Allen Video Review Of The 30 Minute Workday The 30 Minute Workday marketing system[…]

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Instagram Analytics

Affiliate Software Save $100 Dollars a Month

If you use shopping cart or affiliate software for your business, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article. It can save you hundreds of dollars in overhead expenses for your business. Especially if you’re using software or services just a ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickStart, Clickbank or JV Zoo. You’ll want to pay attention…because what I’m sharing with you today is making marketing history. GrooveDigital software development company, owned by marketing legend Mike Filsaime, is focused[…]

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Instagram Ad Mistakes

Instagram Ad Mistakes To Avoid

Many businesses are now turning to Instagram for new leads and customers. The platform is undergoing significant growth and using Instagram Ads is a great way to reach people that other methods can’t. But a lot of people make Instagram Ad mistakes that kill their marketing efforts. So we want to highlight these mistakes for you so that you can avoid them. Instagram Ad Mistake #1 – Not Aligning with Business Goals A lot of[…]

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads are fast becoming the number one choice

Instagram Ads are fast becoming the number one choice for businesses that want to get the word out about their brand , their products and services. There are a number of good reasons for this. Including the staggering growth of the social platform and its high levels of engagement. How does an Instagram Ad look? There are different types of Instagram Ads but the good thing is that they look a lot like regular posts.[…]

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list marketing

Formatting Boost Email List Marketing Conversions

If you are an online list marketer, you currently understand that your support originates from individuals clicking the links in your email. When they click your email links, they can register for all sorts of things. Each time they register for something, ultimately, dollars will appear in your savings account. This is why you’re in the email list marketing game. The issue is, a great deal of online list marketers presume that list marketing is[…]

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