Clickbank gravity scores

Clickbank gravity scores can be your undoing

I remember the first time that I got into Clickbank and it was really easy for me to get excited. When I got into Clickbank, it felt like I was a kid trapped in a candy store. I didn’t want to be let out. There are just so many different products to promote because I knew that there are many different sources of traffic on the internet. These distinct streams of traffic have demonstrated demands[…]

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generate more leads

3 Distinct Ways Instagram Generate More Leads

You most likely are currently utilizing a number of various social networks websites to connect to your target market and create leads. Are you using your Instagram account to generate more leads? While you might be utilizing the platform to engage with your existing audience, it might wind up being a perfect channel for your service to generate more leads. 3  Ways To Generate More Instagram Leads  Targeting and Re-targeting A substantial part of marketing[…]

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Instagram Carousel Ads

What You Need To Know About Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram  Carousel Ads were introduced by Instagram in 2019 . With this an Instagram user can swipe through a number of images or videos (just as you would with a carousel) and there is a call to action button which will send the user to your website or your online store. You can do a number of interesting things with Instagram Carousel Ads. For example if you have a number of products that you want[…]

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instagram image ads

What You Need To Know About Instagram Image Ads

Instagram Image Ads are a very popular choice for businesses. The main reason for this is that posting images is what Instagram is really all about. So what could be more natural than to see a single image from an advertiser which blends in well with everything else? Here we will provide you with everything that you need to know about Image Ads on Instagram. What is an Instagram Image ad? Image Ads or Photo[…]

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great instagram ads

Image Enhancement Tools For Great Instagram Ads

You need to make your Instagram Ads look as great as you can. A good looking ad will always be more appealing to Instagram users than a bland one. We are going to discuss a number of editing tools here and don’t worry because you don’t need any graphic design skills or any other skills to use them to make great Instagram ads. Images are going to figure in your Instagram Ads a lot so[…]

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