SEO And Niche Marketing

Where can you get the best quality, targeted traffic for your niche website? From search engines of course! When someone uses a search term (keyword) that is related to your niche they are trying to find information and answers to questions that you can help them with. So you need to get in front of this targeted traffic with SEO.

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How Google is Getting Smarter and What That Means for Marketers

A while ago now, Google announced that it had become an AI-first company. While that might sound like meaningless marketing babble, the truth is that this determination actually has HUGE potential repercussions for marketers, businesses, and SEO. Firstly, what does Google mean by this? Meet the New, Smarter Google You might think of Google as a search-first company. The first product that Google provided was a search engine and this is still what most of us associate with the company. Traditionally, Google’s search engine did not work much like an AI. Rather, search worked by attempting to match search terms[…]

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