Over $4,000 for three days’ work a month

Smart marketers realize that coaching is made much more difficult by the need to schedule your time with that of your client

If your client works full-time (not to mention being in another country) it’s often tricky trying to co-ordinate a time to jump on a Skype call that is convenient for both of you…

…especially if you’ve allocated one day a week for the next 4 weeks to run your coaching program over.

There is a simpler way…

It will also bring a lump sum into your account AND makes it easier on both you and your client when it comes to arranging coaching times

It’s this:

Sell slots.

I’ve done this in the past and plan to do it very soon again.

Here’s how it’s done…

If you charge $200 an hour for your time, you should create a site that you can open each month where your clients can pre-book your time.

So $200 would buy one hour of your time

$1000 would buy 6 hours (you throw in an extra hour for bulk booking)

The beauty is that these slots can be redeemable over whatever period you choose – a month, three months, a year…

It’s up to you.

All you need to do is use an online diary such as appointlet.com so your customers can schedule online when they want to use their hours with you.

Of course, you can block off times when you don’t want to work too.

If you wish you can allocate just three days per month in one go to work with your clients or you can schedule out the equivalent of three days work over the whole month working just an hour a day or so.

Personally I like to get into the ‘mindset’ of coaching and work multiple hours per day.

It’s up to you

If you work the equivalent of just THREE days per month (at seven hours per day) you’d bring in $4,200 at $200 an hour.

Of course, you could also sell hours on an ongoing basis as part of a funnel or upsell structure and let your clients redeem their time at any point up to (for example) 18 months in the future.

Remember you’re getting paid at the time of the booking they book – you don’t have to wait until they redeem their time to bank the money.

It’s a wonderfully flexible and relaxed attitude to coaching in my opinion and even better, it allows your clients to prepare for their hour, and to use them at key points within their business expansion.

They might want an hour’s brainstorm with you initially and then implement your suggestions before coming back 3 weeks later to discuss their results.

Flexibility makes for great coaching and successful clients.

AND lump sums in your account when you need them by selling your time upfront.

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$14,500 a month from giving people permission to become successful!

I really like this

..and I’m kind of proud of it too because this is a client of mine, who is definitely moving onto big things, all built on this method we devised.

So this is someone who was making a few thousand a month in the self-help niche and whose major interest is in the area of why some new business startups are successful but most aren’t

She looked into this and found that the business niche, start-up capital, location, age of business person, experience and a shedload of other things didn’t actually seem to matter too much when it came to which businesses were successful and which folded.

What really seemed to matter in her opinion, was the attitude to rules that the business person has.

Now if you’ve read any of my products or emails you’ll know I’m a huge believer in doing something, then apologizing if you ‘get caught’ rather than asking permission upfront and being turned down.

So when she told me that she was convinced that the person who bent the rules was much more likely to succeed I was really interested and intrigued.

She said that typically the person who was less restrained by factors such as local legislation, popular ethics (one example she gave was someone who set up a competing shop next door to an existing one and put the existing one out of business)and not being worried about what other traders or even customers thought was more likely to succeed than someone who ‘toed the line’ and did everything by the book.

The really interesting part to this is that she told me she’d found a change in behavior in people she knew personally who had started businesses and almost failed but then pulled back from the brink:

They learned to be less restrained by rules and ethics and take more chances, and adapted their behavior accordingly!

Do you see where this is going yet?

See where the money is going to come from?

She created a whole product around ‘freeing’ yourself up from restraint by learning to think like a business person.

She wrote a book (to brand herself as an expert) created a course and offered personal consultations and coaching.

All offers to take people who were natural rule-followers and turn them into people who thought like successful business owners.

I don’t mean by becoming ruthless or nasty (although caring less about what others think of you was a key part in this), it was more about overcoming the built-in problem most of us have with stepping outside the rules.

It’s about looking at rule-breaking and risk-taking from an objective perspective NOT as the socially conditioned school kid that most of us feel inside us when we might ‘get into trouble’ or have someone else disapprove of our actions.

I’m totally comfortable with this and think that if you want to be successful you have to bend the rules from time to time and not worry about it

When I was first starting out I’ve certainly sent out cheques that were incorrectly made out or not signed to give me enough time to get the money together…

…or phoned a competitor pretending to be a potential customer in order to get a look at their pricing structure.

Anyway, my client is doing incredibly well-teaching people how to move over from being a rule follower to a rule breaker.

She’s got some cracking branding in place and I think she’ll make a LOT of money from this.

Last time we spoke she was making over $14,000 a month from her products and (mostly) coaching program.

She says most of her clients are absolutely delighted with their newfound ‘thinking freedom’ and almost always show an upturn in business or performance.

All for showing people the way to the ‘dark side’ eh? 🙂

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How a guy built a seven figure online business…

You ever noticed that some of the best online marketers don’t actually study online methods?

They study offline ‘traditional’ methods.

So anyway, this guy I know –  earns multiple seven figures a year from his online business.

His customers think he’s great and his products sell like crazy

His secret?

He studies traditional methods of selling.

I’m talking about techniques and methods that were popular before the internet, then he finds a way to automate it using technology and put it online.

Same techniques, newer technology.

For example, he knows that when you run an ad in a newspaper it needs to be seen on average around 8 times by a prospect before they’ll buy.

So he uses retargeting in his online business (you know those ads that seem to follow you around when you’re browsing?)…

…to make sure that he gets the necessary eight views (at least) per prospect.

He also knows that we’re more likely to go  back to the guy that we’ve successfully bought from in the past and that we trust for our next purchase rather than go to a new salesman or company

So he treats his buyers’ list like family.

He also knows that we’re more likely to buy based on:

==>> Trust

==>> Familiarity

==>> Word of mouth from trusted sources

==>> Past experience

==>> …and a dozen other factors rather than being sold by ‘cold’ marketers

So he uses technology to automate and replicate the conditions he needs and to fulfill the above requirements!

By clever use of Facebook, autoresponder emails, tweets, forums, psychology and tracking and testing he knows pretty much what he should be saying to his new  prospects, his existing customers, his existing subscribers, and his VIP clients at any given time to maximize their value to him

Technology doesn’t have to mean distant and impersonal either:

If a personal handshake is required to seal a deal with a VIP client he’ll replicate it with a personalized video, gift or (snail mail) letter that will have the same effect.

If he launches a new ‘line’ of goods or product he’ll hold a VIP ‘viewing evening’ for his most valued customers, and make them aware that they’re in his inner circle

I’ll say it again – He replicates the best ‘old school’ selling techniques using current technology.

If it worked fifty years ago don’t think it won’t work today, because my friend is living proof it DOES

When you first look at his business it looks horribly complicated.

But if you’ve ever bought a premium car from a salesman, bought shares through a city broker or hold an Amex Gold or Platinum card you’ll recognize what he’s doing immediately

He’s looking after his customers, in the same way, you’d be looked after at the Savoy or Waldorf Astoria in 1922

Sure, he might be using modern technology but he’s building relationships, selling products and acquiring prospects in ways that have been used for hundreds of years.

If you think online business is any different to offline business think again.

We’re still selling to human beings and we haven’t evolved anywhere near as fast as technology.

We still like to feel special.

The really successful marketers online know that and use it

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Marketing System-“Free And Powerful Marketing System Explained”

marketing system


Free And Powerful Marketing System


What Is Free and powerful

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Effective Tips To Make Your Marketing Promotion Work


A Marketing Promotion That Work


The demand for much better marketing promotion of services and items online leads to some extremely cutting-edge promotions and devices. Here are some ideas that you could make use of to begun with locating effective marketing promotion for your business demand.

A vital tip concerning online marketing promotion is to ensure that you acquire all versions of your website’s URL, consisting of usual misspellings. This is crucial since it is extremely common for individuals to purchase comparable LINK’s to popular firms either to deceive site visitors to accessing their website or to expect a profit by offering it to the a few other company.

Marketing Promotion
Marketing Promotion

Your product ought to always be referred to as easy and simple to make use of. Your consumers do not prefer to develop a problem trying to use your item, so make certain you highlight how your item can assist your customers. You can also associated with a few other pages of your website for help and instructions for items to emphasize ease of use.

Think about placing content video to your business plan if you are seeking a new trick to include to your online marketing promotion. Making video content online for your service or product could result in an actual improvement in revenues. They could take the form of demonstrations of your product in activity, testimonials from satisfied clients or tips for effective use.

Due to the fact that you can develop a website for your new business enterprise does not suggest that you could sit back and watch the traffic and sales roll in. Exactly what is truly suggests is it is time to kick it up a degree and get busy promoting it. There are endless possibilities to pick from to advertise your company. Advertising and marketing on social media, like blogging, is an excellent spot to begin.

Everybody adores cost-free calendars, especially when it is coming up to the end of the year. You must have some calendars made up and offer one free of charge with every buy from your website. They could set you back a little, however it is a really useful way to get your name seen by additional people.

One tip that could not seem that crucial is the tip that you must offer users clear instructions on how to place an order. Some users wind up not making acquisitions because they find the process to be as well complexed. Make sure to let them know to click the order button merely as soon as considering that doing that additional compared to once could induce some problems with double orders.

Placing video to your online marketing promotion site could be a little difficult, yet try speaking to the camera as if you were contacting a good friend and it will certainly assist you make an individual hookup with your potential customers. Picture the face of a buddy on the video camera and speak the message from your heart.

To make certain your website allures to the audience you’re marketing it to, make it all regarding them. Concentrate on their wants and requires ,then create content specific to them. Doing this will make the advertising and marketing procedure a lot easier, and will certainly encourage site visitors to your website to share your material with others.

When marketing a product making use of a website, provide a link to your privacy policy and contact information on every web page. This will make your site seem even more expert, as many corporate sites do this. Likewise, it makes you appear even more trustworthy, since your potential customers won’t have to “jump through hoops” in order to find means to contact you.

As you have reviewed, there are many various means to market your website making use of online marketing promotion. There is a bunch of info that can assist you to see what benefits certain advertising can generate.


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