Why Every Newbie Affiliate is Doomed

Many people get told that affiliate marketing is the best way to get started online, and it does sound very attractive. We get told we don’t have to deal with angry customers, we don’t have to create a product, in fact, all we have to do is send some traffic,then bank the cash. Affiliate Marketing Sounds great, right? Wrong! You see, when you promote something as an affiliate, you only get to keep a limited[…]

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KLT Process

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

How to make money online as an affiliate marketing beginner? Now if you’re reading this article, I’m sure maybe you’ve read some books on how to make money online or you’ve watched some YouTube videos or seen some Facebook posts from some other people or maybe you’ve attended a webinar or something like that but the real question is, how can you earn a living make money online? This is something that I’ve been researching for years[…]

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