How to Use Instagram Marketing

These days, there are so many ways to market one’s brand. The internet itself is a vastly growing community, and in recent years, Instagram marketing has proven to be one of the most reliable ways that can be used.

If you’re thinking of using Instagram marketing to help you put the word out about your brand, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Instagram marketing

Instagram Marketing : Add Link in Bio

This is a given. You see, the only place where you can add a clickable link on Instagram is on your profile page itself. You can start with a link to your website. Or, if you’re marketing a certain product, add a link to that product itself. If you’re holding contests, add a link to the contest page.

Just say “Link in my bio” on your posts.

Show Services and Products with Subtlety

One thing that Instagram users hate is when you advertise to their faces. Instagram really is not the place for that. 

However, you can still show your followers your products and services by means of taking photos of you using them, and making sure you use the most interesting captions and hashtags.

For example, you’re selling Brazilian Coffee. Instead of just taking a photo of the coffee packs, you can take a photo of a cup of coffee, together with a book, and some plants, and say “Coffee + Books + Fresh Air = Good Times” then use the hashtag #BrazilianCoffee or the name of your store! 

This way, you create curiosity, and will not lose followers just because you have annoyed them with spam!

Text Overlays are Helpful

There are people who use Instagram just to browse photos and do not really give much time to the captions. Since Instagram caters to people who have low attention span, it might be good to just use text overlays on photos so that they’d easily see what you’re trying to say.

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