How you can build self-reinforcing traffic streams for Clickbank promotions

A lot of people are under the impression that traffic is something that is not much different from pork bellies, potatoes, wheat or rice. In other words, they look at traffic as this raw ingredient for making money online. This raw ingredient, like highly processed flour or wheat or rice, can be bought anywhere at any time. This is, after all, just the raw ingredient for online income. If this is your thinking, join the[…]

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How can a three-layer content marketing strategy boost your Clickbank sales

A three-layer content marketing strategy involves three distinct pieces of content. They all link to each other, but you have to set them up properly and you have to write the right piece of content in the right sequence. If you set this up the right way, you can turn content into some sort of traffic conversion tool. In other words, you can pump a lot of traffic to the first layer. This is content[…]

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KLT Process

What is the KLT process and how can it help you sell more Clickbank products

If you have ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing or any kind of online promotions, you should already be familiar with the phrase, “KLT process.” What does KLT stand for? To recap, it means Know, Like and Trust. You have to build your Clickbank marketing system with KLT firmly in mind.. This is the foundation of any kind of sales. I don’t care whether you’re selling stuff on a street corner, in a department[…]

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Promote Clickbank

Is it too late to promote Clickbank?

I get this question a lot. I guess people are concerned about Clickbank’s viability as an affiliate marketing program precisely because it has been around for so long. The thinking is that if a brand has been around for so long, then somehow it is overexposed. According to too many affiliate marketers, if you promote clickbank that your audience members have pretty much seen for quite some time, they probably are not going to convert.[…]

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Content Marketing Strategy

Clickbank Affiliate Program #1 strength

If you have just started with affiliate marketing, you probably already know about Clickbank. There is no way you would not run into this brand. It is a powerhouse brand in the world of affiliate marketing. With that said, a lot of people have all sorts of opinions about the Clickbank affiliate program. Clickbank : the best affiliate program To some people, Clickbank is the best thing since sliced bread. To other people, Clickbank is a[…]

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Clickbank gravity scores

Clickbank gravity scores can be your undoing

I remember the first time that I got into Clickbank and it was really easy for me to get excited. When I got into Clickbank, it felt like I was a kid trapped in a candy store. I didn’t want to be let out. There are just so many different products to promote because I knew that there are many different sources of traffic on the internet. These distinct streams of traffic have demonstrated demands[…]

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