8 Point Affiliate Success Check List

Everyone loves checklists.. and numbered lists in general!  So here are 8 affiliate success points you should ask yourself before you choose an affiliate program to promote.
affiliate success

Affiliate success points

1. Is the affiliate product already selling well?

You want to promote a product that people are already buying. If it’s not selling, move on.

2. Are other affiliate promoting it?
If other affiliates are promoting, that’s a good sign that it’s making money for affiliates.
3. Can you get paid easily?
You need to make sure you can receive the payments easily. If you don’t have a paypal account and they only payout through paypal, well then you’re screwed.

4. Is the product evergreen?

Or is it a one-time launch and forget product? In other words, will the vendor be updating the product and can you still make money with it 12 months down the road?
5. Is it a one-time commission payout or recurring?
Recurring is the ultimate as you promote once and earn commissions for months, even years until the customer cancels.
6. Is the vendor trustworthy? 
Do they provide great support? If not, then you might damage your reputation and refunds will be on their way soon after. (for example if you promote anything from the IM circle jerk digital-crack-dealer circle.. you will get labeled as one of them)
7. Are there any affiliate tools to help you promote?
Banner ads, swipes, articles, videos, etc. It’s a pita if you have to create all the promo tools from scratch.
8.  Is there a possibility of having the vendor promote your stuff in return? If you have your own product, then it’d be great if you could do some promo swapping. Just be careful who you team up with though. (see point 6 above)

About recurring payout affiliate programs.. 

Like I mentioned above, these are great because you get one sale and you get paid recurring commissions.. monthly or yearly usually. Perfect to grow your income.
To find affiliate programs that adhere to these affiliate success points , you can go and sift through affiliate networks to find them.. which isn’t really hard but it is time consuming.. to find some good ones.
Or you can get a list of programs that exemplify these 8 affiliate success points already  put together for you .

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