4 Easy Step To Building A List

Building a list for email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to increase your turnover and profits as an online business. That’s because each person’s email on that list represents a potential customer to market to and to sell to. Depending on the value of your product, this can represent a lot of money.

This presentation is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about building a huge mailing list . This is your first step toward building your own digital empire…

Building a list of emails a.k.a. ‘List Building’ is the best way to build an online income stream. Because the money is in your list

It’s easy and affordable to get set up… and the bigger your email list, the more $$ you can make.

Plus it can be almost totally automated.. which is perfect because that’s what the internet is all about right? Passive income….. (ooh yeah!)

Sounds good… but how do you start to build a list? Free list building Video lessons are in the members area of 30 Minute Workday… Memberships are free

The technical side of list building can be broken down into 4 points… And I’ve listed them below for your convenience.

List building requires four things….

1. A Lead Magnet and a Squeeze page (a cool thing to give away and a web page that works to collect email addresses of your prospects)

2. An Autoresponder system (email marketing app)

An autoresponder is the software you use to together with your squeeze page that enables you to collect your website visitors names and emails.

You know that optin “box” (form) that goes on a squeeze page or blog to collect emails? That is made with an autoresponder. You just add some code to your web page.

Autoresponders also let you schedule emails and send live broadcasts to your subscribers.

It sounds technical but it really isn’t. Especially when you use a very user-friendly autoresponder like Getresponse. Check them out “here”

They provide you with full step-by-step instructions to get your list set up, opt-in box made, and code created and put on your web page.

It really is a fool-proof system.

It does have a monthly cost, but they offer a free 30 day trial. I recommend you start with these guys..

3. The next piece of the puzzle is getting traffic!

Traffic for list building should be very targeted. That alone insures success .You want to target a group of people that a product or service you can provide will fill a need or solve a problem.

My favorite traffic resource for list building is listed under ‘Bonuses ” – Push Button Traffic – in the members area of 30 Minute Workday …. Free memberships are available “here”

4. Tracking your traffic

Some say it”s not essential ,but  I’m not one of them. Because tracking your traffic will help you a lot when you get serious about setting up traffic campaigns… especially when you buy ads!

It’s click tracking and conversion tracking.

By tracking your traffic, you can see which places and ads are sending you subscribers and sales.

If you don’t have tracking, you’re running in darkness without a flashlight!

There is a free click tracker system you can use as a member of Leads Leap.com. It’s a great place to start.. and it’s free. (plus Leads Leap is a great place to advertise too!)

Learning how to use a tracker will change things for you in a big way.

I’ll leave you with these things to get started with today. It will take you a little time to set everything up. The real money is in email list marketing ,so take the time to do the action steps listed under ‘Phase 1’ in the members area.

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To your success,
Joe Golson
Online Marketing Solutions/30 Minute Workday